Interview with Nathan Lex and Cameron Toner of Organic Playing Cards Part II

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Interview with Nathan Lex and Cameron Toner of Organic Playing Cards Part II

For this exclusive interview, we are honored to have a guest post from Austin Perez (Instagram: @austin100s). In the second part of this guest post, Nathan Lex and Cameron Toner talks about Organic Playing Cards, Squeezers V2, Cardistry and future decks. Enjoy!

If you missed the first part, check it out here!

You two are the founders of Organic Playing Cards but are there other employees in the company? If so, what are their roles within it?
Yes there are more than just us. Kevin Yu is our producer and financials and Kate Hamilton is our designer on staff. We are hoping to grow our employees in the future.

Which deck is your favorite out of the series? Do you plan to keep expanding the aisle of fruits? Have you thought about using vegetables?
Our favorite is Peelers V1! For some reason they just feel sooooo good! We are going to be adding new lines of fruits in the future as well as eventually expanding from just fruit.

With the new Squeezers v2 every deck bought donates a dollar to Alex’s Lemonade Stand, an organization which helps combat pediatric cancer. How did this collaboration come to be? Are you guys planning on making more collaborations with other charitable foundations?
The relationship started when we came out with Squeezers V1. we contacted them and they were very excited for us to make them. We plan to try to do charitable deck every year!

So Nate, on your cardistry account, @more_than_paper, you showcase not only your cardistry skills, which are incredible, but also decks from Gemini Playing Card Company. Are there any other decks you use not on Instagram that are from different creators? What has been your favorite to use so far?
I don’t just exclusively us any brand on my page. @more_than_paper is my outlet to apply my cardistry and telecommunications skills to promote decks that I personally enjoy.

Lastly, I have to ask guys, are we going to see another OPC deck coming later this year? If so, any hints?
Yes! We are releasing two more decks this year! The next one goes very well with the time of year and will be the first in a new line of decks.

Sitting down with these two has been an absolute joy! Their decks are still on sale at with some absolutely great deals and half brick boxes worth picking up. Also, every deck bought from Riffle Shuffle will donate $1 to Alex’s Lemonade Stand! So get your decks while supporting a great cause! If you do not have enough money for the deck and just feel like donating to a great cause you can go to this link! It’s the donation’s link for the organization!

Check out the full interview on Orgainic Playing Cards youtube:

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