Kickstarter: Deus Vult Playing Cards by Design Imperator

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Kickstarter: Deus Vult Playing Cards by Design Imperator

The team from Design Imperator is back with a deluxe set of playing cards based on the crusades in the Holy Land. Seeking funds on Kickstarter, the decks come with many exclusive features and two editions are on offer during the campaign- The Templars Edition and The Ayyubid Dynasty Edition.
The decks are fully custom with hand-illustrated artwork. The face cards are identical for both editions, but with different color palettes. The crusaders are represented in the hearts and diamond suits, while the Ayyubid Dynasty is represented in the clubs and spades suits illustrated in a unique vectorized format.
The backs of Deus Vult feature highly detailed artwork inspired by the Muslim and European medieval period. Both are set in a mirrored composition and printed with eye-catching metallic copper inks.

The aces of Deus Vult are designed to represent the Muslim and European side of The Holy Land respectively.

The Deus Vult tuck boxes are manufactured with Italian, solid stocks with exclusive foil and rich embossed artwork on all sides. Both with a custom tuck seal applied for thematic elegance. The Templars edition features an eye-catching red foil cross, while the Ayyubid edition has intricate copper foil that envelops the dark brown stock.

The decks will be printed by NPCC with premium linen finish. Pledge starts at $14 on Kickstarter. Also, add-ons such as brick boxes, dealer coin, and deck pouches are available.


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