Kickstarter: Amazons Spartans Playing Cards by Agitcom

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Kickstarter: Amazons Spartans Playing Cards by Agitcom

Amazons Spartans are the first deck in the new series created by Sviatoslav Pashchuk currently funding on Kickstarter. At the time of writing, Amazons Spartans are 54% funded of its $13,500 funding goal with 28 days to go.

Over a year in the making, the deck is dedicated to the women warriors of Amazon. According to Sviatoslav on the campaign page,
Amazons arised a long time ago because these women warriors were a real historical fact. When creating the heroines, I did not try to strictly adhere to any rigorous historical reconstructions and costumes, but tried to imagine how beautiful these ancient warriors could have been. However, the characters' costumes and weapons are almost authentic.

Like all Sviatoslav's previous decks, the artwork is gorgeous with meticulous detailing and decoration on the cards and tuck box.

The deck is 100% custom, from the beautiful royals, intricate card backs to the bold Ace of Spades and jokers.

The stunning tuck box has its own insignia- a symbol of the shield and the spear. The design elements, as well as the ornamentation of that era, makes the tuck really stand out! Reminds me of a Theory11 produced tuck.

Amazons Spartans will be printed by the USPCC on Classic stock with Linnen Finish. Pledge starts at $15 on Kickstarter.

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