Deck View: Skelstrument Playing Cards

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Deck View: Skelstrument Playing Cards

Music. Skeleton. Artistic.

The deck was originally funded on Kickstarter. Designed by Abraham Sanchez, Skelstrument is an intriguing deck featuring the human skeleton and musical instrument. Every element from the pips, Courts and card backs have been artistically drawn, combining the human skeleton, music, and the visual representation of sound.

The human skeleton and musical instruments have been featured throughout the deck, from the Ace of Spades, card backs to the custom courts, jokers and tuck box. Also, the purple and black bar on the card faces creates an incredibly striking design when the cards are fanned, squared or flourished... tying every card together like notes on a sheet of music.

We love the playfulness of the deck. Shows how much fun design can be if the elements are put together artistically. Definitely a fun deck for the Halloween season. One of our Top12 decks for Halloween this year. Full list next week.

Available now from your favorite Murphy's Magic retailers.

Deck View: Skelstrument Playing Cards Reviewed by Ivan on 10/27/2019 Rating: 5

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