Deck View: Explorer Playing Cards

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Deck View: Explorer Playing Cards

Vibrant. Whimsical. Fun.

Explorer Playing Cards takes you on a journey into the whimsical world of a planet on which the characters have just landed with their space shuttle. The fun and vibrant deck is produced by Riffle Shuffle and designed by David Huynh.

The back of the cards features the hero character in a lovely symmetrical design, embellished with a glowing crescent moon. The backs are designed in the purple color scale, while the main character is drawn in cool blue. The court cards consist of silhouettes of kings, queens, and jacks with calming hues of purple into the fiery orange and red tones. The aces follow a similar design to the court cards, featuring a silhouette of a particular suit with a vista of a space shuttle flying through open space behind it.

The deck is packaged in an eye-catching tuck box with an undulating landscape in the shades of purple. Explorer Playing Card is printed by the United States Playing Card Company on air Cushion Finish with the legendary Bee Casino Stock.

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