TWO New Releases by House of Playing Cards

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TWO New Releases by House of Playing Cards


House of Playing Cards has added TWO decks to their online store this week. Check out the new releases by Alex Pandrea

1. X-Deck V2

Alex Pandrea has released the popular X deck in white/black colorway. This is the SECOND stylized version of the X decks. The OG X deck was initially released for Pandrea's Birthday back in 2017 in a "sample" 100 deck run. The X Deck is now Alex's go-to-deck for all magic performances. Simple enough to fit his minimal style, yet stylized enough to give it a vibe.

The deck sports a white colorway with NEW duct tape like X designs on the card backs. The face cards are standard Arrco to give the deck a vintage feel and at the same time maintains familiarity for magic routines and performances. Also, a "Moving X" Gaff Card included and a duplicate Queen of Hearts in every deck for your magic routines. 
Printed by The United States Playing Cards Company on Bicycle Premium Stock with Air-Cushion Finish. Available for $10 on

The MYNOC Project was launched at Cardistry Con 2019 in Portland. The idea was to create your own NOC deck using HOPC's MYNOC Stickers and submit your photos with the hashtag #mynoc. MYNOC 002- Leather is the second deck in the series. 

The deck sport a leather texture tuck box and card back. Like previous release, the face cards are pretty much standard but recolored to fit the color palette of the deck. Printed by The United States Playing Cards Company on Classic Stock with Air-Cushion Finish. Available for $10 on

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