Cardistry: XQ Forty-Nine Deck by Magic Encarta

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Cardistry: XQ Forty-Nine Deck by Magic Encarta

Produced by Magic Encarta and designed by award-winning Digital-Artist Thorsten Schmitt, the colorful XQ forty-nine deck is a celebration of cardistry and its creativity. The colorful card backs allow for countless different variations, which will make your cardistry flourish look fresh and unique every time. On the mesmerizing design, Thorsten told Kardify,

A regular poker deck can create 2 patterns in a fan. On the back 1 fan pattern and 1 reverse fan pattern. A regular cardistry deck can create 4 patterns in a fan. With the card backs, 1 fan and 1 reverse fan and on the front 1 fan and 1 reverse fan. The XQ forty-nine deck can create over 7 undecillion 363 decillion 615 nonillion 666 octillion different color patterns and that is only 1 side of the deck. It is a huuuuuuge difference. It is a new approach, never done before!

Beautiful fans, stunning spreads, and all kinds of flourishes, packet cuts, cardistry moves come to life with vibrant display with the XQ forty-nine deck, which will change one's perception on cardistry. The XQ forty-nine deck comes with 1 artwork card, 1 Phenakistoscope-Card, 2 Autostereogram Cards.

Here something cool you can do with the phenakistoscope card. The card uses the persistence of motion principle to create an illusion of motion. Although this principle had been recognized by the Greek mathematician Euclid and later in experiments by Newton, it was not until 1829 that this principle became firmly established by Joseph Plateau.

In order to see the animation on the card you need:

- the Phenakistoscope card of the XQ forty-nine deck

- a spinning movement of the card, for example use the card spin flourish

- a mobilephone to film. View the rotating card through a cameraphone

  or any other camera with a digital display shooting at 30FPS and watch the card spring to life.

- bright light. The brighter the light, the clearer the animation will appear.

A very well thought out deck with lots of cool features to experiment. Printed in the United States Playing Card Company. Printed on Crushed Stock. Air Cushion Finish. Available on for $16.


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