NEOTOKYO Playing Cards, Only 3 More Days on Kickstarter

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NEOTOKYO Playing Cards, Only 3 More Days on Kickstarter

NEOTOKYO Playing Cards by Kardeck is a cool and stylish deck currently funding on Kickstarter. The fully custom deck has been designed to reflect the futuristic side of Tokyo. 

The hand-illustrated courts feature Powerful Heroes from NEOTOKYO. The pips inspired by the Cyberpunk genre with a strong Neon Blue for Spades/Clubs, and a bold Neon Magenta for Hearts/Diamonds. 

The Futuristic shapes and symmetry evoke Cyber-Tech with complex circuit boards and balanced Mechas structures that refer to diverse Japanese Manga and Anime. 

The custom card back design is embellished by a HUD Interface, futuristic gears, mecha parts, blue neon energy lasers, and a magenta neon circuit network. 

The tuck is packaged in an eye-catching tuck box featuring the Sci-fi Cyberpunk aesthetic with a magnificent traditional Japanese twist. ネオ東京 NEOTOKYO is written on the front surrounded by various Mecha parts and circuit boards. 

The tuck is embellished with Magenta Foil on Shadow Black Paper. The contrasting colors gives this deck a distinctive style. Each NEOTOKYO Deck has been upgraded with a Premium Embossing on top of the Magenta Foil, without extra cost after hitting its stretched goal.

Printed by Legends Playing Card Co. on the Classic Finish. Pledge starts at $22 on Kickstarter.

NEOTOKYO Playing Cards, Only 3 More Days on Kickstarter Reviewed by Ivan on 12/07/2020 Rating: 5

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