On Kickstarter: Fractured Playing Cards

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On Kickstarter: Fractured Playing Cards

Fractured Playing Cards is a modern and sleek deck crafted for magicians, cardists, and collectors currently funding on Kickstarter.

The concept of the deck came from the idea that designer Jason Wong received a long time ago. According to Jason,

Trust is like a piece of paper; once it is crumpled, no matter how hard you try to flatten it out, those creases and folds remain. I also recognized the fragility of relationships and therefore combined the two aspects to create the design.


Incorporating that idea into the core design, Jason wanted to focus on the functionality and aesthetics of the cards. The small red triangles on the top and bottom of the cards are designed specifically for aerial tricks and the pirouette so that when the cards are spun, a vibrant red streak will surround the exterior of the cards.

The face cards are based on the traditional looks of playing cards. From the court cards to the jokers, all 56 cards are designed by Jason and Designer Hannah Ma.

The card backs sports a thin modern with a simplistic design and modern look, consistent with the overall look and feel of the deck.

Fractured will be printed on USPCC card stock, traditionally cut, with an Air-Cushion Finish. Pledge start at $8 on Kickstarter.


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