Deck View: BRuT Playing Cards

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Deck View: BRuT Playing Cards

Modernist. Geometric. Gouache.

From the team at Uusi, the BRuT Limited Edition is a modernist playing card deck. The deck was originally funded on Kickstarter as a companion to Uusi's Tarot deck. The gorgeous artwork is inspired by Early 20th Century Modernism, Art Brut (or Outsider Art) and the forceful, geometric look of Brut Architecture. All imagery in this deck is hand-painted using gouache – a type of watercolor medium that is similar to watercolor but more highly pigmented.

The BRuT Playing Card deck features 52 playing cards and two jokers all with original, eye-catching artwork that makes them ideal for magic and card games, yet at the same time very familiar and recognizable by players and spectators alike. Printed by EPCC on their famous Master Finish card stock with a linen finish.

Available now at JP Games.
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