Kickstarter: Water Margin Playing Cards by Paul Guo

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Kickstarter: Water Margin Playing Cards by Paul Guo

There are often western literature inspired playing cards on Kickstarter and this time, a Chinese Classic became the inspiration. The project creator, Paul Guo, used one of the Four Great Novels, Water Margin or 水滸傳 as background for Water Margin Playing Cards.

There are one hundred and eight heros in the novel but not all of them are featured in the playing card project. Only fourteen characters were used in the royal court portraits and as joker cards. The art style of the royal court portraits follows the Ukiyo-e style which resembles the style used in making old Chinese playing cards which were based on characters from Water Margin novel.

Although there are no special add-ons and this project being a single edition launch, there is a still a collectable value to it. The slightly vintage style of the illustration and the porcelain style of the card back and tuck box heightens the vintage look.

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