Kickstarter: CHAO Playing Cards by MPC

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Kickstarter: CHAO Playing Cards by MPC

Travel back in time to China with the latest project by Make Playing Cards (MPC), CHAO Playing Cards on Kickstarter. There are many historic and notable characters throughout China’s long and eventful history and a few of them are listed in CHAO Playing Cards. Chao is the Mandarin pronunciation for Dynasty and it is written as 朝 which is the big logo on the front of the tuck box.

There are two editions in this Kickstarter project, Porcelain Blue and Vermilion Red. The designs differ only in the color scheme with everything on the card face remaining the same for both editions.

There will be a total of 14 characters in a deck, 12 for the royal court portraits (3 for each suit) and 2 as the jokers. The four pips will each represent a dynasty in China’s history:
  • Han (206BCE – 220CE), 
  • Tang (618CE – 906CE), 
  • Ming (1368CE – 1644CE) 
  • Qing (1644CE – 1912CE).

Each character will be appearing in the style of their representative dynasty. There are much more dynasties and kingdoms in China’s history apart from the 4 mentioned above. Add-ons such as coins and double deck wooden box are also available to spruce up your collection. Head to the Kickstarter here!

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