Kickstarter: Magnum Force Playing Cards

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Kickstarter: Magnum Force Playing Cards

What do Shredder, Mr T, He-Man and Cobra Commander have in common? Nothing! Except the fact they were pretty huge in the 80s and kids growing up in that decade will remember these iconic characters. This is what Forge Arts playing cards want to recreate when they launch Magnum Force playing cards on Kickstarter.

The idea for Magnum Force playing cards is fairly simple- celebrate what makes 80’s fun. Besides the characters mentioned, there are other characters cameo in the royal court cards which will stir up your memory and bring back a wave of nostalgia.

However, this isn’t a cheap attempt to appeal to your nostalgia to pledge for this project. Every single character appearing on the royal court will remind you of a character from the past. The overall look and feel of this project are rather campy. Bright colours galore and so many different colours being used but it is all done in fun with the intention to remind you of the 80s and eventually get you to own a piece of your past once again.

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