News: ULTRA Playing Cards by Gemini Decks

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News: ULTRA Playing Cards by Gemini Decks

Another month, another cool deck from Toomas Pintson of Gemini Decks- ULTRA Playing Cards. The deck is a follow-up to the beautiful Pearl Playing Cards but with a bold and darker color palette.

The deck features Toomas' unique style "Ultra" paintings on the card backs and the tuck. The mirrored back has a 'twin tip design' which allows for beautiful and stunning fans. Perfect for card flourishes!

The faces cards are pretty interesting. The suits and numbers of the indices come with an "Outer Glow" effect, which works really well with the look and feel of the deck.

The Ace of Spades and jokers are custom while the court cards have been recolored with light blue and yellow color palettes. Interestingly some of the design elements from Superfly Spitfire deck can be found on the wardrobe of the courts.

Like previous releases from Gemini Decks, ULTRA handles incredibly well! Printed on soft crushed premium stock by The United States Playing Card Co. Limited to only 5000 decks. Don't miss your chance to add this unique piece of art into your collection from for $12.95!

News: ULTRA Playing Cards by Gemini Decks Reviewed by Ivan on 9/26/2018 Rating: 5

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