Kickstarter: Hunter of York Playing Cards by Nicolai Aaroe

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Kickstarter: Hunter of York Playing Cards by Nicolai Aaroe

Funded in 48 hours, the Hunter of York Playing Cards are inspired by the witch-hunting era and the Tulip Mania set in York, 1636. This is the first volume in the Florus Drama series by artist Nicolai Aaroe.

These enchanting decks have been Nicolai's ‘go-to’ project for the past 3 years. He started working on the design about the same time the Indictus Playing Cards was launched on Kickstarter. The deck design has been kept a secret up until now and the reactions have been overwhelming.

Hunters of York started off as a theme that captures the tension of affection between a man and a woman in the renaissance era. The court characters have been illustrated in collaboration with another Danish master of the pen, Martin Helgren. On the design, Nicolai told Kardify,
I had so many ideas about the concept of ‘the hunt’ that the theme needed to be expanded with more factors of ‘hunt and ambition’. Hunters of York is set in 1636 and it is very much inspired by the Tulip Mania of that time to give it an authentic and historic touch of elegance in the form of floral artwork. The fact that the movie Tulip Fever came out in the end of the development process was pure coincidence, but it formed an obvious inspiration to the final touches of the designs.

This project has been hugely influenced by the ideas generated through creative sparring with Marianne Larsen. She has really made a great impact on major design choices, such as the beautiful tuck boxes.

The original designs were discarded completely and new designs were made based on fresh ideas and a rich sparring on the elements of what makes a great and interesting tuck case.

With the successful funding of the deck, Nicolai is motivated to continue working on the second volume in the Florus Drama series. Nicolai continued,
Florus Drama is a series where I will experiment with colors and story telling in a very unique way, blended with deluxe features on every aspect of the design process.

Two editions of the Hunter of York Playing Cards will be made available during the Kickstarter campaign- Master and Mistress Edition. The decks will be printed by NPCC and pledge starts at DKK$89 (USD$14) on Kickstarter.


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