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Deck View: Jetsetter (Premier Edition) Playing Cards in Restricted Red

Classified. Flight. Vintage.

The Jetsetter Playing Cards: Premier Edition are inspired by the classic casino and vintage airline decks of the past. The Restricted Red Edition is inspired by the most secret airline in the United States that transports employees of Area 51 from Las Vegas directly to the highly-guarded top secret facility.

The back design sports a deep red colorway and features the repeated airplane pattern along with the Jetsetter logo in the traditional two-way casino style design. The courts are standard and enhanced with gold and silver metallic ink to give it a touch of elegance! The Ace of Spades is custom and prominently exhibits the Jetsetter Playing Cards logo.

The tuck box has a vintage and classy feel with modern appeal and features a clear UV spot coating precisely applied to the airplane icons on the front of the tuck. One thing I love about the Jetsetter decks is the durable synthetic stock- perfect for traveling!

Printed in Taiwan by Expert Playing Card Co. Available now from Jetsetter Playing Cards. For other cool playing cards, check out JP Games.
Deck View: Jetsetter (Premier Edition) Playing Cards in Restricted Red Reviewed by Ivan on 9/02/2018 Rating: 5

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