Kickstarter: 3 Questions with Elijah Hayles of Ghoul Guys Playing Cards

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Kickstarter: 3 Questions with Elijah Hayles of Ghoul Guys Playing Cards

Ghoul Guys Playing Cards is a monster-themed deck uniquely illustrated by 11-Year Old Elijah Hayles from Edinburgh, Scotland. Elijah Hayles is the son of playing card designer, Sam Hayles. It took Elijah over 3 months to create the Ghoul Guys deck, which started off when Sam’s client saw Elijah's drawings on his Instagram page and suggested that he make a monster playing cards deck. Elijah told Kardify,
I thought it was a great idea so we got to work on the project.
Elijah worked on the illustrations after he got back from school and during the weekends and holidays. Elijah spent a lot of time imagining and drawing all these ghoul guys. He never lost the motivation and the passion during all the process of creating his first deck of cards. Elijah also likes reading, drawing, swimming, playing tennis and playing lego.

Late last week, we had a quick chat with Elijah about the inspiration behind the Ghoul Guys deck, his plans for the future and his favorite flourish and playing cards.

1. What is your inspiration behind the Ghoul Guys Playing Cards? How did you end up collaborating with PlayingCardDecks?
I got quite a lot of ideas from what I would see or read. Sometimes I would see a monster in a film or in a book and I would turn it into one of my ghoul guys. But sometimes I just felt like drawing a crazy monster of my own. I ended up collaborating with PCD because my dad had already worked with them and had designed the Bicycle Knights Playing cards. Then they wanted to do another project but this time they chose me :)

2. What’s next? Can we expect more deck designs in the future?
I would definitely want to draw another monster deck because it is fun and successful (so far) and I like seeing my drawings on a card and I like working with my dad.

3. Finally, what are your favorite playing card decks?
My favorite playing cards deck is the Voodoo playing cards decks.

If you want to support Elijah and the Ghoul Guys deck, head to Kickstarter here! Pledge starts at $11 and the deck will be printed by the USPCC on Classic Stock with Air-Cushion Finish.

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